Several Tips To Help Keep Yourself Safe Online

The internet has revolutionized many different aspects of life, but it also exposes you to a risk of having your personal information compromised by hackers and other malicious individuals. Sadly, many people make mistakes when it comes to their passwords, which can inadvertently expose them to a higher risk of having their passwords compromised. Here are some tips.

Avoid Using Autocomplete To Store Your Passwords

It is common for browsers to include a feature that will store your passwords for each individual website so that it will be automatically inputted into the password field of the login. While you may think that this will be a convenient feature, it is extremely insecure as this information is often not encrypted. As a result, it can be possible for a hacker to learn this information by reviewing the browser files that store this information.

Use Completely Different Passwords For Every Service You Use

One of the more common mistakes that individuals can make is to use the same password across multiple services. While this may seem as though it will be a harmless convenience, it can make it easier for hackers to gain access to your other accounts if they breach one. For example, if hackers are able to breach one service provider, they may attempt to use the same login information for other services, but using different passwords for each service will prevent this problem. If you are concerned about having to remember multiple passwords, you may be able to install a secure password manager that will encrypt and store your passwords.

Opt For Dual-Factor Authentication When It Is Offered

It is increasingly becoming common for websites to offer dual-factor authentication. Most web services that use this type of login system will send a code to your cell phone. This is often considered one of the most secure login systems as a hacker will need access to both your password and your cellphone. While it may seem like an inconvenient option, the added security makes the extra time needed to login worthwhile.

Keeping your personal information safe while you are online starts with taking sound precautions to minimize the risk of your password being compromised. In order to help keep your password as secure as possible, you will need to understand the dangers of using your browser's autocomplete and keeping the same password across multiple services and understand the benefits of using dual-factor authentication. Understanding these aspects of password security will help you to stay safe while you are online.

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