Are Macs as Prone to Security Issues as PCs?

Many people assume their Macs are inherently more secure than a PC. It's true security features on Macs are quite strong, but vulnerabilities always exist. Here's why you shouldn't assume your Mac isn't susceptible to threats.

There's No Such Thing as a Fully Secure Computer System

No computer system can ever claim impenetrable security. There's always a flaw and an exploit to take advantage of that flaw. Your Mac is no different. It contains vulnerabilities that become patched with new updates. People discover new vulnerabilities, and new patches come out to deal with those. The cycle never ends.

In addition, your own actions can compromise your Mac and the data contained on it. If you're lax with your passwords, or allow easy access to your computer, then it can become compromised. Installing programs and downloading things can introduce your Mac to all types of nasty stuff if you're not careful.

Macs Are Not Strangers to Viruses

Some people even think a Mac cannot catch a virus. They most certainly can. The malware, spyware, and viruses that plague PCs can do damage to your Mac. The biggest difference is that Macs typically fall victim to hazardous code designed specifically for Macs.

The reason why PCs seem more susceptible to constant threat is because there's more PC users out there. The more people use a single platform, the more chances someone will attempt to breach, break, or exploit that platform. It's for this reason Macs currently seem safer. Fewer people use them overall, so there's fewer people developing bad programs to exploit them.

What You Can Do to Better Secure Your Mac 

Good security practices go a long way towards keeping your Mac safe. It's especially important if you have a business that uses multiple Macs on a network.

  • Keep your OS updated
  • Adopt good password practices
  • Backup your important information
  • Use firewalls and a security suite

There's no foolproof way to fully protect a system. Especially a system connected to a larger network or the internet. However, you should do everything you can to make it hard for something to damage, steal, or negatively affect your data.

Many problems that plague a Mac aren't as large as they seem at first. Not everything that affects a Mac is diabolical. Often, a local Mac support team can guide you through cleaning your system of some of the lesser problems with little hassle. To learn more, contact services like Computer Help, Inc.

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