Cyber Security Careers: A Snapshot Of Different Career Paths You Could Take

Cyber security involves the process of keeping information and people safe on the internet. If you have a strong background in information technology, coding skills, and excellent skills with communication, cyber security careers could be one of the most logical routes for you to take. There are multiple roles within the cyber security field, and these roles show up in an array of different industries. Therefore, career paths in multiple industries will be available to you with the proper training. Here's a look at just a few of those different career paths you may want to consider with training in cyber security. 

Forensic Computer Analyst 

A forensic computer analyst is a valued professional who can usually be found in law enforcement agencies or working with the FBI. This job position would involve duties like: 

  • Overseeing cybercriminal activity in an open criminal case
  • Analyzing machines brought in as part of an investigation
  • Reporting findings of security breaches or laws broken in court 

Forensic computer analysts tend to have some training in law enforcement and legal outlines of cyber technology, but they primarily work with the technology and not the people involved in criminal activities. Some larger law enforcement agencies employ multiple forensic analysts in modern times because cybercrime is such a growing problem. 

Chief Security Consultant 

As a chief security consultant, you would be the go-to professional for business owners looking to amp up their levels of network security. These professionals are highly regarded in the IT field, and some IT services actually employ a chief security consultant who oversees much of the underlying security processes provided to high-end clients. If you choose to take this career path, you will probably not have a problem finding employment, whether you go for a traditional hourly position or work as a contractor on your own. 


Cryptographers work to either encrypt data on computers or decipher encrypted data. Therefore, this career path could take you in many different directions. For example, you may be hired to decipher encrypted text data if a law enforcement agency is needing help with a case, or you may be hired by a business owner looking to keep customer data more secure. Cryptographers tend to have multiple skill levels, but their primary focus is on data encryption and all that entails. 

Overall, cyber security careers can range in type, and there are many different types available. If you would like to know more about cyber security career paths you could take, reach out to an IT training center in your area. 

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