3 Top Cyber Security Solutions Your Business Needs Today

Are you worried about hackers bringing down your business operations and stealing vital data? Today, every business owner should be worried about such threats because cybercrime has become a threat to any business with internet exposure. Small and medium businesses have increasingly become targets as hackers suspect they might not have the resources to put in place robust cyber defenses. Cyber security solutions have become vital for both small and big businesses because the threat level is equal. As a business owner, there are cyber security solutions you must deploy to counter these threats:

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Also known as perimeter security, these systems monitor for attempted unauthorized access in your network. They can identify attacks, such as brute force password attacks and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks. 

Today's intrusion detection systems are both proactive and reactive. As proactive internet security solutions, they identify malicious behavior and stop active attacks. In their reactive function, they can identify how a hacker penetrated the network, what files they accessed, and any changes or breaches of the files.

IDS with endpoint detection and response (EDR) monitor individual components in the network, such as routers and workstations. They can identify abnormal and malicious behavior and react accordingly. 

Security Patch Management 

Cyber security solutions must include fixing security vulnerabilities in IT systems. A good number of famous hacks have been attributed to zero-day attacks. These attacks take advantage of vulnerabilities that makers of certain software or apps have not identified. 

Software companies routinely send out security patches to address these vulnerabilities. But hackers are always scanning networks to identify where these vulnerabilities have not been patched. 

Security patch management is vital, especially when you run proprietary or in-house software because the developers may not be aware of vulnerabilities in their apps. Regular patching fixes these vulnerabilities as they are identified before hackers discover and exploit them.

Malware Protection 

Hackers have become more sophisticated in their use of malicious apps and software. They have identified human ignorance and complacency as the easiest vulnerability in many networks. For example, in a phishing attack, they will attach malware to an innocent-looking document resembling an office memo from the CEO. Clicking on such an email initiates an attack. 

Antivirus programs are vital cyber security solutions because they can identify malware before a recipient or user opens. They also stop stealthy downloads and other attempts to infect servers and workstations with malware.

Would you like to beef up your network's defenses against cyber threats? Talk to a cyber security solutions provider about your network's security needs. 

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